Learn the truth about Laser Therapy

You have seen much advertising hype regarding laser treatments for pain relief and healing, but how real are these claims? Is it safe? How should it be used? How does it work? How much does it cost? Can a nurse or tech apply it? Will it increase revenue and if so, which is the right laser system?

Join James Carroll and Ronald E. Hirschberg DVM for this introductory event at one of the venues below.

Dr. Hirschberg is the hospital director of Brockton Animal Hospital. Ron has been using LLLT for over 10 years and maintains that laser has made him a better veterinarian. The treatment added $75,000 to his practice in the first year. Ron will be presenting our introductory event to answer the above questions and explain how to integrate and bill for treatment. See Ron's letter here

James Carroll has been described by Professor Mike Hamblin (Harvard Medical School) as, "The worlds leading ambassador for Low Level Laser Therapy." He is a recognised authority on LLLT mechanisms of action, dose and dose rate effects. James collaborates with universities and hospital research centres on treatment protocol design and the reporting of treatment parameters.

Event Timeable

Registration & coffee
Coffee Break
Lunch (supplied)
Coffee Break

Event Agenda

  • What is Laser Therapy
  • How does it work
  • Clinical trial evidence
  • Treatment parameters and dose
  • Safety and contraindications
  • Hands on
  • Increasing patient visits
  • Billing for treatment

Lasers for Healing and Pain Relief

$300 per person
- $100 off early bird discount (more than 1 month)
- $100 off group discount (per person)

(Only 50 seats available, so be quick)

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